YouTube on Kindle Fire Update

Because we’ve had so much traffic related to this subject, we’ve created another site dedicated to helping you get the YouTube App on your Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Fire HDX. will help you get the files…

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How to Add the YouTube App to the Kindle Fire HD

Even though Amazon doesn’t provide a YouTube app for the Kindle Fire HD, you can still install it quickly with these instructions.

Show Your Support for Jim Kelly

I’m happy to post this video made by one of our partners, Gerry Magoolaghan, in support of Jim Kelly. Kelly, an NFL hall-of-famer and friend of Gerry’s¬†announced this week¬†that he has cancer in his jawbone, and is undergoing surgery this…

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How To Get The YouTube App On The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is missing a few key applications by default. In this article I explain how to install the YouTube app on the Kindle Fire.